septic tank installationJury's take all the hard work out of designing and installing a wastewater system that delivers on the daily and peak loads for your home. Our service includes design, planning, admin, paperwork, EPA Works Approval applications, council inspections and the installation itself.

Septic tanks are generally buried underground and connected to household water outlets or drains.  The water and waste flows into the tank where it is separated. Liquids go out to a drain field or other wastewater treatment while solids build up and are then pumped out from time to time by a contractor with a vacuum truck, to be processed off-site.

Can I install a septic tank myself?
Unfortunately, a septic tank is a bit specialised so you aren’t able to DIY this job.  Septic tanks must be installed by a professional with EPA ( Environment Protection Authority) approval. This will ensure your warranty is valid, and when you purchase a Polymaster Septic Tank you are covered with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.

Polymaster tanks are a one-piece moulded tank, they are lightweight and easy to handle. Lifting lugs are incorporated into the design to make it easy to lower into place. The forward thinking Polymaster engineers designed the septic tanks to minimise the amount of work required on site, these are pre-assembled before leaving the factory, so the plumber can simply position the tank and connect in and out flow pipes! The low profile and compact design minimises the amount of digging required prior to installation, the depth of excavation is minimised, and the hole is easier to backfill after installation. Saving the plumber time during the installation and you in cost.

What size septic tank do I need?
Jury's will be able to provide a recommendation as to the best size to suit you but as a guide;

Polymaster stock a 3,100ltr Septic Tank that can service 1-5 people and a 4,500ltr Septic Tank to service 6-10 people.  Both sizes are compact enough to be easily buried in the backyard.

Depending on the size you choose and the number of people in your home you may need to get the tank pumped out slightly more regularly.

How often do I have to empty a septic tank?
This depends on how much waste your household creates. Remember it is only solids that really build up.  The Australian Department of Health recommends pumping tanks every 5 years however it depends how much solid waste is flushed into the tank. Pumping out the tank must be done by a licensed liquid waste contractor who can then take the waste to a processing facility. Your local council will be able to advise if there are any EPA regulations in your area.

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