Benefits of Liquid Bio-Solid Fertilizer
Spreading of liquid bio-solid fertilizer is used beneficially to improve soils, wastewater residuals are a part of the natural life cycle. They have nutrient and soil-enhancing properties that make them a practical choice for a variety of beneficial uses. Traditionally, liquid bio-solids have been applied successfully to agricultural lands, forests, or reclaimed lands.

Screened bio-solid liquid fertilizer is a huge commodity to Agricultural land holders world-wide, currently Jury’s Liquid Waste with over 35year’s experience and knowledge is the only known South Australian operator to cleanly apply this enormous nutrient rich soil improver to agricultural land holdings.

The application of liquid bio-solids from domestic septic tanks to agricultural land has been long practiced in South Australia, this includes land used for pasture, cereal and tree crops as well as viticulture.

Free Liquid Fertilizer
Having access to this commodity Jury’s Liquid Waste would like to offer local Agricultural land holders access to this liquid fertilizer free of charge, giving them a rich resource to apply to land holdings to develop a nutrient rich soil for future cropping land.

Our Products and Services
In developing the bio contaminant separation mobile unit it has allowed Jury’s Liquid Waste to address and resolve the problem of site contamination from non-biodegradable waste found in sewage sludge, waste water and liquid manure.

The plant has been designed for mobile field spreading screening septic tank effluent and/or bio solids to agricultural land.

The screening trailer can also be utilized as a stationary unit for waste water treatment plants.

The plant has the ability to remove rocks, rags, paper, and other contaminants that would otherwise be dispersed to ground therefore polluting the area

Land Application of Liquid Bio-Solids is EPA and Council Approved

Bio-solids contain many of the same constituents as commercial fertilizers, including invaluable organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorous. While not a complete replacement for chemical fertilizers in terms of nutrient ratios, bio-solids do some things that chemical fertilizers can't do. They're composed of organic matter that promotes necessary bacterial activity and improves the structure, texture, and water retention characteristics of the soil. These properties stimulate the growth of vegetation, which helps reduce soil erosion and improve crop yields.

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With over 30 years experience you can be sure that the qualified and professional team at Jury’s Liquid Waste will provide a high quality, reliable and efficient service. We operate in the Adelaide Northern suburbs, Barossa Valley, Adelaide Plains, Adelaide Hills and the Mid North.


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