grease pump arrestor truckGrease Arrestor Pumping
Jury’s Liquid Waste offer grease arrestor pumping services to shops, cafes, restaurants, take away businesses and shopping centers. We provide services across the Adelaide Northern suburbs, Barossa Valley, Adelaide Plains, Adelaide Hills and the Mid North.

Permit Compliance
As a Permit holder of a grease arrestor, it is your responsibility to ensure that each unit is operating effectively. We can assist with services to ensure your grease arrestor is working well.

Our services include:

  • Regular removal of grease and solids
  • Inspection and assesment of the grease arrestor

Operation Inspections (SA Water Compliant)

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your grease arrestor is critical for its correct functioning. Choose Jury’s Liquid Waste to carry out your mandatory inspections. This will ensure you are operating in line with SA Water policy regulations. We’ll help your business to be fully compliant.

Things to consider:

Trade Waste Maintenance Schedule

  • The Trade Waste Branch sets a maintenance schedule. This schedule will be reviewed as part of routine compliance audit inspections.
    Waste Limits
  • In conventional underflow grease arrestors the maximum buildup of wastes shall not exceed:
    – 100mm of grease/oil and/or solids accumulation in the last chamber
    – or 200mm or grease/oil and/or solids accumulation in the first chamber

Grease Arrestor Pumping
When pumping out the grease arrestor, the entire contents must be removed, including scraping down material adhering to the vertical surfaces.

Biological Additives
The use of biological additives is restricted to specific products and applications approved by SA Water.

Grease Arrestor Accessibility
Grease arrestors need to be located in a way that facilitates maintenance operations and ensures accessibility for inspection. This includes adequate clearance space above and around the arrestor.

Please call us on (08) 8563 9190 or fill in your details below and include information about grease arrestor pumping requirements. We will contact you as soon as possible with details of what services we can provide. Thank you.

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With over 30 years experience you can be sure that the qualified and professional team at Jury’s Liquid Waste will provide a high quality, reliable and efficient service. We operate in the Adelaide Northern suburbs, Barossa Valley, Adelaide Plains, Adelaide Hills and the Mid North.


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